“Is it too late to withdraw my child this school year?”

Often parents whose children are facing serious trouble at school – bullying, meltdowns, physical illnesses, for example – ask us if it’s “too late” to take their child out, or if they should wait until the semester is over.

We’ve posted this question several times on our Facebook page, and those who reply all agree – rescuing a child from a bad situation is a good idea. And there’s no benefit to waiting.

To find out your state’s rules on how to withdraw, find your state homeschool group here: http://www.home-school.com/groups. On each state page, the state groups are ABOVE the line, while local homeschool groups are BELOW the line.

Most state groups have a “Getting Started” page that explains any steps needed in order to withdraw your child and start homeschooling legally. And you can always ask additional questions on our Facebook page.

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