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Looking Forward to Another Year

Two of our grandchildren are visiting today. They are so sweet, cuddly, and full of ENERGY!

Seeing the “next generation” has made me think more about how homeschooling has changed . . . and will change.

Right now homeschooling is both classical and futuristic, at the same time.

Some parents are teaching their children Latin and Greek, studying ancient texts, and concentrating on polished handwriting, diction, deportment, and rhetoric.

Some parents are going online with smartphones and tablets for lessons from math and science to English grammar and world history.

Often, they are the same parents!

Of course, quite a few families are sticking with “tried and true” textbooks, workbooks, and “living books” that kids can hold in their hands and flip through the pages.

Hands-on activities are also popular: science experiments, art projects, music lessons, real-world skills such as knitting and woodworking . . .

And then there is the entire real world of museums, zoos, farmer’s markets, community theatre, and so many other ways that homeschooled children are involved in community life, including clubs and sports activities of all kinds as well.

With such a rich menu of ways to homeschool, what can the future bring?

I’m excited to find out – and to tell you all about it BEFORE it happens, in the pages of your favorite magazine!

—Mary Pride, Publisher of Practical Homeschooling® magazine

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