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Best Homeschool Year Ever! It’s Who You Know . . .

This is an exciting time to homeschool. There is more help, more support, more resources, and more opportunities for homeschoolers than ever before!

Today’s topic is “who you know” – in other words, where to get in touch with reliable help from veteran homeschoolers, as well as meeting others who have similar questions and needs.

Your state homeschool group not only defends your ongoing right to homeschool (very important!), but also typically offers a website with great “how to get started” resources and one or more large conferences yearly, where you can see new curriculum in person and meet the “movers and shakers” of homeschooling.

Local homeschool groups now include both traditional homeschool support groups and co-ops, as well as (often) local homeschool sports teams!

To find your state or local homeschool group, click here.

In addition, you can ask your questions online at the world’s most popular Facebook page for homeschoolers here (yes, it’s ours!) or our online forum. In our forum, you can also find neatly organized previous discussions on many helpful topics.

Glad to meet you, and I’ll be seeing you online!
—Mary Pride, Publisher of Practical Homeschooling® magazine

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